Financial Planning Support Solutions offers a comprehensive plan writing service which ensures that your Statements of Advice (SoA) can be delivered in a personal, professional and timely manner.

We have experience across all aspects of advice and understand how one area could have an impact on your clients total financial plan.


We understand that the biggest asset a client has is themselves and their ability to earn an income.  Often clients over look this fact and focus first on building wealth, rather than protecting themselves.

Like all good financial plans, clients need to have a solid foundation on which to build their wealth.  Ensuring that they themselves and their income are insured appropriately takes away any potential uncertainty an allows your clients to focus what is truly important to them.

We can work with you to produce comprehensive stand alone Personal Risk Insurance Plans or Comprehensive Financial Plans that include Personal Risk Insurance.

Our knowledge base covers all strategies relating to Personal Risk Insurance and Business Insurance.


Whether it be Age Pension Entitlements, Disability Support Payments or simply applying for a Health Care Card, the requirements of Centerlink can be complex and confusing.  

Financial Planning Support Solutions works with a variety of dealer groups that offers numerous exposures to the various Centrelink Strategies.  This ensures that we continue to be knowledgeable and up-to-date with all legislative changes and Centrelink updates.


Succession Planning is one of Financial Planning Support Solutions specialties. 

Quite often a number of complex situations arise when families are trying to equalise their estates, whilst also passing on family businesses to the next generations.

The inclusion of multiple entities, companies, trusts, SMSF's etc. can make working on succession plans a daunting task for clients and advisers alike.  

We will work with you, within the guidelines of your dealer group, to produce an effective and free flowing document which all parties can easily follow and which, once finalised with your clients, can be passed onto various members of your client's family and any other professional advisers as, deemed appropriate. 


Superannuation is often an individuals first 'experience' with investing and generally they do not truly understand the importance their superannuation savings can hold for their future.  


On the same token, there have been many stories about people who have lost all their super and as such it has gained bad publicity in recent years.  


We understand the benefits of the superannuation structure and how, when explained and utilised within the comfort zones of a client situation and goals, it can be a great tool in building their long term wealth.

Our knowledge base covers all strategies relating to superannuation, how client's can use the super structure to their advantage and we have a comprehensive understanding of a lot of superannuation platforms and plans.


Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF's) provide clients with 100% control over their superannuation assets and we understand that sometimes clients can be daunted by their requirements.  

We have experience dealing with all SMSF strategies, including the more complex Limited Recourse Borrowing Agreements (LRBA's).


Retirement has changed over the past few decades and more and more clients are looking to engage in 'quality of life' at an earlier age.  


Often this may mean that they want to reduce their working hours pre-retirement or they simply wish to fully retire earlier.

The transition in their superannuation assets from accumulation phase to pension phase may be simple, but there are also numerous strategies that clients can now undertake. In addition, client's may also have additional wealth built outside of the superannuation environment, depending on their circumstances.


We can work with you to ensure that your clients achieve the best possible results to allow them to live the stress free retirement life that they so deserve.


Most clients wish to leave a legacy to their future generations and this is often done via their Wills.  On many occasions though they often forget to ensure that appropriate measures are put in place to ensure that their personal and financial affairs can continue to be managed by someone they trust, in the event they themselves are unable to.

We understand that a comprehensive estate plan is an integral part of any financial planning strategy and that a client's Wills, Powers of Attorneys (PoAs) and Guardianship documents are an important part of ensuring their long term goals are met.

Contact us today and let us give you the time back to focus on working directly with your Client's and building YOUR business.

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